10 Lifehacks to Stay Fit Without Visiting the Gym

Many people cannot visit the gym for a lot of different reasons. But fitness equipment is not the only variant to maintain your physical fit. In fact, keeping in shape is not such a complicated process. Weakness, bad mood, constant desire to sleep and many other problems –  this is usually a result of healthy lifestyle neglecting.

Following the rules below, you will always be filled with positive and will gain confidence in your own abilities.

  • Start your day with a glass of water.

A glass of cool water on an empty stomach (immediately after sleep) improves digestion and helps faster awakening of the body. You can add a few drops of lemon juice, lime or grapefruit, or several mint leaves to the water.

  • Have breakfast.

You should have a hearty breakfast every day. But if you cannot make yourself eat a full porridge or omelet for a breakfast, and take only a hot drink – choose better a cup of tea instead of strong coffee, that should not be drunk on an empty stomach without “snacks”.

  • Take a little walk.

Try to take a walk instead of at least one bus stop on the way to study/ work / a store or back home. If you come by car, if it is possible, walk on a lunch break for at least 20 minutes (in total), don’t be lazy!

  • Have healthy snacks.

It is obvious that you cannot avoid snacks between meals during the day at work, and often at home. On the one hand, this is a plus: you don’t allow a strong feeling of hunger and ensure a uniform production of insulin. But, unfortunately, there is a great risk of “overdoing” with snacks. Therefore, you should not have a snack “for the company”, when you are not hungry, ” for consolation ” when you are upset and “at the same time” with another activity. In addition, the snack should remain a snack in comparison with the main meal – both in time and in caloric content. Don’t turn a snack into a full second lunch! Chocolate and chips are not the best options, you should better pay your attention to fruits, nuts, dried fruits, vegetables, berries, yogurt, etc.

  • Drink more water.

Do you want to eat? Have some water! Feelings of thirst and hunger are similar, so try to supply the body with enough water, avoid dehydration, and eat less (because water will take a part of the stomach). All processes of vital activity and the body reactions occur in a liquid medium, so drink more water.

  • Have sex.

There is a great way to improve your mood, strengthen your muscles, lose weight and improve your stretching. It doesn’t have any contraindications and doesn’t require any special skills. No jokes – active sex gives a completely “training” level of cardio load, and on energy costs can be compared with dancing or swimming at a moderate pace. Much more information about this item you can surely find on casanovastyle.com.

  • Sleep well.

Try to sleep for at least 8 hours. Everyone knows this common truth but doesn’t devote it due attention. But a good dream is the guarantee of the well-coordinated work of all organs and cells of the body. Lack of sleep is most often compensated by an excess of food and a refusal of physical activity, which clearly doesn’t contribute to your health and good mood. If you cannot sleep at night, sleep in the day or at any other time of the day. Don’t accumulate tiredness!

  • Walk up the stairs.

It’s not a secret that walking up the stairs is very useful not only for the muscles but for the entire cardiovascular system. If you want to keep fit – use stairs, and in order to increase the load you can walk up through one step – it is a good way to burn extra calories faster. The burning sensation in the legs and buttocks is a good sign.

  • Be active.

Deal with a kind of physical activity that brings you joy. If you enjoy swimming – go to the pool, like dancing   – try new and improve old dance moves and if you have to get out aggression – try Tae-Bo or fitbox, like combined movement in bundles – visit group lessons of step aerobics, like doing the exercises slowly and thoughtfully – choose yoga, Pilates, stretch. And if you don’t like any activities – see item 3.

  • Get a dog.

Or you can just pretend that you have it. The main idea is to wake up a little earlier each day. You can simply walk for 20-30 minutes before work, and you will surely have a cheerful mood in conjunction with a fit body.


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